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StoreKing the Voice of Rural India, Technology enabled distribution platform connecting small towns of India to Digital Revolution. StoreKing is a new age Hybrid, B2B Business model, Rural assisted commerce based company building a unique market place for rural consumers that caters to their aspirational needs by using Kiosk/Tablet or Mobile Application available with the retail stores in small towns of India and get their orders delivered through these outlets. A complete retail ecosystem for the Rural hinterland to access. The StoreKing platform caters to the requirements of Physical products as well as Digital products and services (from re-charge requirements to content requirements). StoreKing currently has 40000 plus Digital Touch Points and they are spread across 5 states in South India, 4 states of West India and 1 state of North India. StoreKing is transforming the rural retail businesses to create a thriving marketplace and creating a sustainable retail economy. The plan is to have around 1,00,000 plus touch points across the states in India in the next 8 to 14 months. StoreKing exactly bridges the gap where the contemporary E-Commerce company misses out on the last mile connectivity for reaching the customers of Rural India. Innovations are our wellspring and our driving force enabling technology meet life of rural community. StoreKing fulfills the physical product orders from Fulfillment based centers out of Bangalore and handle end to end logistics right from delivering the product to 2800 plus towns currently and reverse pick up of goods from the place (retailer place). The last mile delivery that StoreKing achieves as a result of its deep network has helped bridge the digital divide that exists. A testament to this is the fact that established players like Amazon partnering with StoreKing to achieve last mile delivery. Our ecosystem partners strategically enhance and extend the existing product catalogue and capabilities in building customized commerce solutions for Rural India. Payment is made upfront (Prepaid) by customer to retailer. Retailer maintains a wallet / float advance with StoreKing consistently and on confirmation of the order and the payment, the material gets delivered to the retailer for the customer. We are phenomenally offering the most affordable and user-friendly technology, kiosks equipped with smartphones/Tablets. StoreKing focuses to be the Digital touch point for Rural India and strengthen the Indian economy growth story.