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Established in 1993, MART is a pioneer in the rural domain and over the years has also developed as the Leading Consultancy and Knowledge based organization on Emerging Markets. MART’s vision is to become the most respected, employee owned organization in the emerging markets creating innovative and effective solutions to help the poor improve their quality of life.

MART’s expertise lies in its understanding of the Emerging Markets and Base of the Pyramid (BoP) segments, their eco system and behavior. MART has been at the forefront of BoP innovation in India for a decade starting with co-creating Project Shakti with Unilever and later having partnered Colgate, Novartis, HPCL, GE Healthcare and Shell for creating business models for the low income market. Our sectors of work include livelihoods, marketing, agribusiness, healthcare and skills development.

MART enjoys a unique position as an end to end solutions facilitator for both the corporate and development sectors. We offer a range of services from research, strategy formulation, strategic implementation, scale up and training.

MART has been offering its services in South Asia region – India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, Afganistan and Indonesia. To create and disseminate knowledge MART works in partnership with a number of international academia and knowledge agencies in US, Japan, UK and Netherlands.

MART has an impressive clients list which includes several fortune 500 companies such as GE, Intel, PepsiCo, Tata, Honeywell and many more and leading international development agencies like World Bank, UNDP and DFID.
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