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Amit Gujral
Head Corporate Marketing
LG Electronics

1) The rural market is looked upon as the next big revenue generation market. What is your thought on the same?

India from past some time is poised towards Infrastructural growth focussing Rural areas. This improvement certainly opens avenues of reach and accessibility and thus rural is certainly opened up as new opportunity for business. Backed with inexpensive mobile devices and data, the rural markets now have instant knowledge and awareness which earlier was sparse for them.

2) Where do you see the rural market growth in the next five years?

Rural market is expected to grow to contribute upto 25% to overall national market in next 5 Years.

3) What was that one major challenge that you faced while catering to the rural market?

I won't say something being hindrance or challenge, however the speed and reach of development needs to pace up.

4) What is the best market strategy undertaken by your organization?

Ease of Access to buy products from either offline retail or online along with easy finance are some of the strategies undertaken understanding the consumer needs.

5) Lastly, what is your thought on the ET Rural Strategy Summit 2018?

ET has been a source of knowledge and also a formidable voice to readers on economic concerns in country.

Aligned with government's initiative for rural infra improvements, the ET Rural Strategy summit is a very apt thought to bring in more awareness on the subject.